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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 21, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a dramatic turn of events tonight in the bryan stow beating case. word from two new arrests. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. for weeks, there was word that an arrest was made. now there's new word. so far we do not know the suspects names or what ties them to the beatings. we've also learned police no
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longer consider this man giovanni ramirez a suspect in the stow case. he's been in custody since may on a parol violation. his attorney spoke with us tonight. >> this is a true lesson of the judicial system in this country. specifically the fact that everyone should be assumed innocent until proven guilty. unfortunately when i jumpedded into the case it was the complete opposite. >> reporter: for more now we go to janine de la vega, she's live in san jose where she's been talking to some of the stow's friends tonight. >> we're here at rural metro, this is the county ambulance provider that ended up taking the news to imr. this is where stow's friends now work. >> the more we can do to, more we can do to get this, you know find who's responsible, the
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better for closure for the family. >> we just have to go that they're following good leads and that they're on the right path to find out who did this. >> reporter: many of them still bracelets with his paramedic number to remember him and wish him a speedy recovery. they now have questions about what led them to the new suspects. we called stow's sister and had not heard the news yet, and said she wanted to get more information before she commented. we spoke to his roommate and says that he is surprised that giovanni ramirez is no longer a suspect. >> we have to wait and see on this to see if they have the right two people this time. >> reporter: we have phone calls into stow's girlfriend.
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his former coworkers here at rural metro are still buzzing about this latest news and they are eager to have their questions answered. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega. the girlfriend of giovanni ramirez was arrested last week. police initially considered denise piccione as a suspect. but it's not clear if they are still looking at her based on today's developments. stay with ktvu news for continuing coverage as we get more information on this case and the new suspects. we will bring it to you both on air and online at firefighters tonight have contained a grass fire that threatened homes in morgan hill. the fire broke out this afternoon near mcdonald lane and diana avenue. that's just east of highway 101 near the dunn avenue exit. the fire burned about 20 acres before it was contained tonight. helicopter and planes were called in to help douse the
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flames. crews from santa clara county, san jose and calfire were all called to the scene. investigators are working to find out what sparked a fast moving fire there that destroyed two houses this afternoon and spread to near by grassland. it happened off of tyse valley boulevard along castle glen and creek dale road. eric rasmussen is live and tells us a dog helped rescue one woman. >> reporter: a dog started barking like crazy when the flames got close. the fire stopped just short of this house. but two others up the hill were not as lucky. hot temperatures, wind and dry brush sent flames through walnut creek's hidden meadows neighborhood so quickly people had little time to get out. >> my neighbors -- were driving by my house honking the horn, i opened my door and i saw flames. they get get out, and i got
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out. >> reporter: this woman's dog cally saved her life. >> she saved me. >> reporter: there was no time to save gold's house and one other home. >> flames going up the hill. within second it was gone. >> windy, so we had quite a bit on our hands in a very short order. >> reporter: firefighters got the call just after 3:30 and scrambled to protect a third home and the owner's goats. we were there as they photographed a gas can that rolled down the hill but officials don't know if it might have started the fire. >> they are all really lucky. >> reporter: gold and other victims yet don't know what belongings can be recovered from their homes. but she says these papers included her work, preparation for the bar exam next week. >> all the papers. i'm no longer studying for the bar, if i pass that's it. but i'm in shock. >> reporter: no firefighters were hurt during all of this.
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fire crews actually cleared out of here maybe in the last 90 minutes or so. they will be sticking around to make sure no hot spots the spots flaired up. defense secretary leon panetta will certify that gay's and lesbians can serve openly in the military. congress repealed the don't ask don't tell policy last year. the repeal of the 17 year ban was a campaign pledge by the president. the change is set to take effect in 60 days. new information about that controversial police shooting. the medical examiner now says the fatal bullet was not shot by police. officials have concluded that the fatal shot actually came from the dead man's own gun. amber-- >> reporter: frank many people here in the bay view expressed
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surprised at the medical examiner's announcement but say it's unlikely to throw anger against police. tonight police officers patrolled third street and reached out to the community just steps from where saturday's officer involved shooting took place. >> the bullet which was removed from his head is not consistent with the service ammunition used by the san francisco police department. >> reporter: the medical examiner's announcement came as a surprise, police now say that kenneth wade harding jr. died from a self-inflected shot. >> for some people it won't make any difference. >> reporter: at a community meeting last night, protesters argued. >> me and this guy grew up together. >> reporter: he told these two friends about the medical examiners findings. >> people can cover a lot of
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stuff up, you never know. >> reporter: others say no matter who's bullet killed harding, violence is not the answer. >> we need to stop, all of it. all the violence, all the gunfires. >> this is a no win situation. >> reporter: the anger in the community won't lessen with the medical examiners findings. >> anger that the community has toward the police is deep seeded. it's generational. >> reporter: since last night's meeting turned chaotic, joe marshal plans to have police chief greg suhr answer questions on his radio show a week from this sunday on july 31st. reporting live from the bay view, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now, police say it is unclear if harding fired the shot intentionally or if he did so by accident as he fell. police also say harding's gun is missing. they say the gun officers recovered last weekend is not the gun that killed him. police are offering a $3,000 reward for it's recovery. the family of a man shot to
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death by oakland police is suing the city now for $10 million. police officers say they thought jones was reaching for a gun, it later turned out to be a small silver scale. the lawsuit claims police used excessive force. earlier this year, prosecutors ruled the shooting was justified. in five minutes, surveillance video of this month's police shooting at a b.a.r.t. platform. what it shows and what it does not show. border's bookstores are now entering its final chapter. the company spokeswoman tonight told ktvu news that liquidation sales will start tomorrow. books a million is in talks to purchase 30 to 35 stores but it's unclear if that would include the six here in the bay area. a deal reached will save
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block buster from selling 2,000 stores. the move helps 15,000 employees keep their jobs. signs of progress in europe's debt crisis sent stocks soaring. back here in less than 10 minute, i'm going to show you how far this fog is going to make it inland tonight. and how much cooler it'll be for your friday. it started here in union square and then marched up stockton street. a 10 hour crack down, the suspect now in custody and who police are still looking for.
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hundreds of hotel workers shutdown stockton street. we showed you that protest near union square as it was happening during ktvu news at 5:00. we now know 80 protester were arrested. jana katsuyama spoke to some of the protesters there tonight and tells us why they are so upset with their working conditions. jana-- >> frank it was a big turn out. there were hundredsover hundreds of people who met here in union square. then walked over to the grand hyatt. it's just a block up, they brought their bull horns and they shut down the street. >> reporter: the rally for workers rights came right in
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the middle of rush hour. hyatt workers swarmed the sidewalks with signs part of a national day of action. >> in nonunion hotels throughout the market, hyatt has housekeepers cleaning as many as 30 rooms a day. >> i don't have any benefits. >> reporter: protesters sat down in the middle of stockton street. police surrounded them and started making arrests. today also brought bitter feelings. >> how can i afford a place? >> reporter: the union is still battling with two hyatt hotels over new contracts. >> grand hyatt and hyatt regency have offered the same exact contract proposal as local to is getting from all
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the major hotels in san francisco. >> reporter: meanwhile busy stockton bus lines lined up as people waited for delays. >> reporter: have you been waiting very long? >> very long. i don't know what's happening. >> i was supposed to have dinner with someone and didn't know this was going on. now i'm trying to figure out where to go. >> reporter: people received traffic citations for blocking the street. as for the hyatt contract negotiations those are set to resume july 29th. new at 10:00, documents show details of the federal investigation into the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion about 4,000 pages of transcripts focused on a segment of pipeline about 700 feet from where the explosion occurred. the segment had numerous defects in its welds. other documents show investigators are trying to
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determine if a sewer project contributed to the blast. we're getting our first look tonight at surveillance video from that deadly shooting earlier this month involving b.a.r.t. police. the video is heavily edited with faces blurred out and the identity of the two officers hidden. you do see the officers get off of the train. then one officer putting on his gloves and draw its gun. that's where the video stops, you do not see the officer open fire. charles hill is also not seen. officials say officers shot hill after he attacked they attacked them with a knife. >> officers are trained to looking at the surroundings. >> police displayed the two knives. they say hill threw one at the officers, the other was found on the platform next to his
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body. a pedestrian is hospitalized after getting hit by a nummi bus. nummi says the pedestrians back was to the bus when the driver pulled up and hit the person. it's not clear whether the victim was on the curb on in the street. the injuries are serious but not life threatening. police are still searching tonight for two suspects involved in an all day man hunt when we first told you about in noon. it all started shortly at 10:00 this morning near gene drive. homeowners had to be evacuated and roads were closed. ktvu's john sasaki was there and tells us the main suspect has been arrested. >> reporter: after a long search of the area around rose and darlene streets: police say the man who fired at officers gave himself up. >> the s.w.a.t. officers have taken into custody the initial person of interest in this case whom we
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believe may be the shooter from this morning. he certainly fit it is description. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. officers arrived here after a short gun battle. this all started at about 10:15 a.m. when police say the suspect broke into a house. the victim called 911 and confronted him, at a near by house. >> our theory is he probably hunkered down with the activity. the helicopter, the dogs, and weather he decided i'm going to give up on this or whether he thought maybe we weren't looking for him. >> reporter: through all this, no residents or police officers were hurt but there were some tense moments early on. some homes were safely evacuated including one where two 6 -month-old twins live, this is their uncle. >> yeah, i was at work and then my brother-in-law called me and told me to take a look at the link. i said wow that's our house. >> reporter: the main suspect
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was arrested uninjured. one person that was hurt was what police called an associate of the suspect suffered dog bites. the inmate protest lasted for three weeks. corrections officials say inmates ended it after learning more about plans to improve conditions in the secure housing unit. backers of the hunger strikers confirmed to ktvu tonight that the strike is indeed over. >> as a good faith showing, there was a commitment that other policies, bigger policies would be looked at and there would be substantial changes in the coming period. >> reporter: we have also learned tonight that 500 inmates at three other prisons in california are still continuing with their hunger strike. >> reporter: court filings show arnold schwarzenegger does not want to pay maria shriver spousal support. the former governor responded
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to her divorce petition with a filing yesterday in los angeles. they are seeking joint custody of their sons who are aging 13 and 17. the couple was married for 25 years. buster posey is scheduled to have surgery. posey was injured during his collision at home plate. tomorrow's surgery are supposed to remove screws. the injury will keep posey from joining the giants when they visit the president at the white house on monday. and it was a bit cooler today. you noticed more fog this morning for your thursday. these were the highs for today. about two or 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. as we go into tomorrow, more fog in the morning hours, so you're going to wake up in more bay area neighborhoods and see fog. that starts you out in the mid- 50s. that gives you nowhere to go
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but cooler. look at the fog footprint, this morning there was clearing in the inland bay valley. look at that fog footprint. just by virtue of that, things will be clearer. we'll see temperatures a good 5 degrees cooler. that fog is going to push back inland as we head into the bay area weekend. we're going to take a look at the bay area weekend, i'll show you which day is going to be cooler. >> it's a big difference between the entry level pay and this pay. the success story that attracted the u.s. labor secretary to the south bay today. and the final chapter today in nasa's space shuttle program. where the shuttle atlantis will head next after returning back to work. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you -- after returning back to earth. rewards credit card your jcpenney to save an extra 20% on all your favorite brands, including home! no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale.
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an update tonight on a major coin theft. it's a story we brought you last night. walnut creek police say they arrested the suspected coin thief. vassiliou was arrested. police say after our story aired, they received a tip about vassiliou's whereabouts from one of our viewers. the unemployment filings jumped last month, more than expected. but they found a silver lining in the bay area. >> there's a big difference between the entry level pay and this pay. so it was a pretty good
10:24 pm
opportunity for me. >> reporter: vpa attracted solis. jobless claims jumped 10,000 last week. solis points out vpa training started with government money. >> the creation of this vehicle is a green job. how many jobs go into building one bus? >> 500. >> 500. >> reporter: solis says millions of the job openings lack trained working. >> making sure the most trained workers are ready to go. >> reporter: auto plants struggle to retool for the future. solis says the retraining program could also be a model program for other areas. >> there are plenty of jobs out there. but through assessments they also look at these area that is
10:25 pm
pertain to their skills. >> reporter: solis says training keeps the labor market active. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. beginning this fall the state of california will once again offer rebates for environmentally friendly cars. the $2,500 vouchers are to be distributed on a first come first serve basis. >> reporter: the government's bail out of chrysler ended today. the treasury department sold its remaining stake in the company and does not expect to reduce the cost. in may, chrysler posted its first quarterly profits since emerging from bankruptcy. could this be the next step
10:26 pm
in space. a bay area company wants to fly to the moon, why? to make money. also a fatal crash leads to a change on board ucsf shuttle buses and some are hoping it'll spark a job movement.
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nasa's shuttle era ended early this morning. the landing of the shuttle atlantis marked the end of 30 years of shuttle flights. atlantis four person crew conducted experiments and resupplied the international space station. >> we hope that anyone who touched or looked at or envies or admired a space shuttle was able to take a little part of
10:29 pm
the journey with us. >> reporter: the atlantis will now be put on display at kennedy space center in florida. health and science editor john fowler shows us how the beginning of commercial space travel is on the horizon. >> reporter: so near, yet so far away. america has not been to the moon in 39 years. >> we're not just going there because we have something we want to get out of this planet. we want too make life better for people on this planet. >> reporter: moon express is developing this robot lander for what they call history's biggest business opportunity. >> resources on the moon. things that can be of benefit to earth. there's volatile on the moon that can help earth and beyond. >> reporter: moon express won't carry people but aims to
10:30 pm
deliver routine payloads to soft lunar landings. then return precious metals like platinum. >> if you want to go to the moon, that's us. >> reporter: the first customer may be a telescope for the dark side of the moon. >> what we did in apollo is the equivalent of lewis and clark. >> we have a lot more to do and that's what we want to enable. >> reporter: moon express hopes to win that next year. but they say their vision is to make a business out of trips to the moon. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. vallejo police tell ktvu their investigation into a woman's killing outside a hotel is a top priority. police identified a victim as 34-year-old jessica garcia of vallejo. they wouldn't say if she was a guest of the deluxe in on solano. police responded to the hotel
10:31 pm
late tuesday night after a report of gunshots. garcia died at the scene. the alameda county district attorney's filed murder charges against a man. 22-year-old salvador velasco and hector garcia also face kidnapping charges in connection of monica rodar. the body of the 29-year-old woman was found a week ago today on avajo road. federal prosecutors filed charges against two former richmond police officer. we've been following the case against raymond harris and thomas. prosecutors say harris made false statements to the gun dealer while buying guns for two men under the age of 21. they also say that the two officers intimidated the youths to keep them quiet. the new chief of the
10:32 pm
municipal agency says transportation is key to the quality of life in san francisco. >> people need to be able to get around. mobility is exceedingly important when we're packed together so closely in this beautiful city. >> the mta board introduced riski at a press conference this morning. riskin will oversee the city's parking and transit. the mta wants to wrap nummi buses with ads. the agency says the deal would bring in half a million dollars each year. the san francisco board of supervisors will take up the issue on tuesday. a fatal accident on board
10:33 pm
an sfmta bus is looking into changing. >> reporter: the bus. >> bob: now have seat belts according to university officials. ucsf says it will begin adding seat belts in the next week and say it is entire shuttle bus fleet should have them by the end of august. the move comes after the collision of a big rig. 52-year-old ucsf professor kevin mack who was riding to work was killed after being ejected from the shuttle. >> i think seat belts in city buses or any buses for that matter would be a good idea. >> reporter: he and others still think it's a safe shuttle. >> it helps the under served community to reach their appointments. so it's generally a good thing. >> reporter: this is the second fatal collision involving ucsf shuttle buses in the last year. many say they would favor
10:34 pm
anything that would make the shuttle buses safer. >> i hope so, i'm a believer i think in smart reglation when it comes to enhancing public safety. i think this is a poster child of one example. >> reporter: ucsf officials say they will now have a how am i driving hot line advertised on the outside and on the inside of shuttle buses so any feed back positive or negative can quickly be addressed. in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. bank of america has sold its massive complex in downtown concord for $80 million. there are four buildings. the bank currently uses two of them. developer swift realty partners is the buyer. two nature groups are suing to stop the oakland zoo from
10:35 pm
expanding. in june the city council oaked the plan which include a veterinary hospital and zoo exhibits. do you know how much meat is in the meat you buy at the store. the agriculture department is proposing new rules to label meat and poultry products with their ingredients. the fda says many products are beefed up if you will with sauces like teriaki. right now the label only says if it has added solutions or enhanced. >> what police say they are not changing following the -- what officials say they are not changing following an accident
10:36 pm
involving three hikers at yosemite park. hello parents, it's going to be a big school year. your kids are going to climb rope. they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive.
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officials at yosemite national park say they are not planning to make any changes or taking extra precautions on vernal fall. three hikers climbed over a railing and on to a rock on the edge of that massive waterfall. all three were swept away. their bodies still haven't been found. a park spokesman said today the railing around vernal fall and the one warning sign are adequate. new information shows just how far california once celebrated higher education system has fallen. a study by the higher education leadership and policy found fewer students can afford
10:39 pm
college now as state support shrinks. california ranks dead last in tuition and fee increases exceed national average. some folks in marin county are going to see their sanitation rates go way up. the ross sanitation district voted to implement the rate hike. the district's remaining customers will pay $638 a year up from $118. the money is needed to replace aging pipes. in news of the world in yemen. a senior leader of al-qaida was killed during a shoot out with the army. the government had previously thought he had been killed in
10:40 pm
an air raid. in guatemala this sink hole opened up under a woman's bed as she slept. the 65-year-old woman woke up to a loud bank thinking it was a gas explosion. instead she found the perfectly round hole. if it had been a few feet larger her bed would have fallen in. the hole is at least 40 feet deep but just 32-inches in diameter. the government is now investigateing the cause of this sink hole. a 13-year-old boy spent 10 hours stuck between two walls. crews were able to get the boy a bottle of water as they used chain saws and the help of bricklayers to reach them. over than a few bruises the boy is fine. it's not clear though how he got stuck. a new push today to block san francisco's proposed ban on male circumcision. >> state law already prohibits this kind of legislative at the
10:41 pm
local level. assemblyman gatos bill will clarify with regard to circumcision. >> a group of people turned out to protest their announcement. the opponents of circumcision laken the process to a form of mutilation. now air traffic controllers have the very same technology, only more precise. chief meteorologist bill martin monitoring another change in our weather. he's back in six minutes with an updated forecast. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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you're looking at crews cleaning up at sfo this morning after a problem with the sprinkler system caused some flooding. happened just before 9:00 a.m. in the entrance to a security
10:44 pm
checkpoint in terminal one. the water caused minor damage. the security area was shut down for two hours and passengers were told to go through another checkpoint. today we got another look at a 3d training facility for bay area traffic controllers. tom vacar got to try it himself. >> southwest 390sfo tower, runway 388 clear to land. >> reporter: why would uncle sam ever allow a reporter to command pilots to take off and land? because here i can do no wrong. >> obviously the challenge is to train them as thoroughly and quickly as potential. that's where training like this
10:45 pm
can be very successful. test directors can really sock it to them. >> all type of weather situations, day-night activity. we can change traffic volumes. >> reporter: perhaps more important controllers can be trained on scenarios should araise. should it arise, lives will not be lost. >> aircraft emergency conditions, aircraft with engine out. all type, any situation you can think of. >> reporter: whether it's a scenario such as a closed runway or arriving aircraft or airfield intrusion or even a plane in the bay, the fda says it's paying off. >> we're training any where from 15 to 20% based on a location. >> reporter: consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu news.
10:46 pm
cuper to the -- cupertino's apple is getting ready to buy hulu. a disney executive said they are committed to save it. san francisco is moving forward with plans to save the city's trash to yuba county. a board of supervisors committee agreed to a contract with recology. the city would send the city's trash to richmond. in just over an hour, caltrans is planning to close a section of the 101 freeway in san jose. starting at midnight, all lanes the on the 280-680 connector will be closed for construction. details on the city streets are planned. lanes are scheduled to reopen at 3:30 in the morning.
10:47 pm
the closer is also scheduled for the next three nights? a south san francisco company is back to washington, d.c. today. we first showed it to you here in the bay area earlier this month. today the company's ceo pitched the device to congress to show how not only it can save money. the device brings less drag to tractors on the road. zip cars says it has 250 cars available in san francisco alone. and a strong sea breeze is starting to cool things off in the bay area. temperatures outside mostly in the 50s. let's go out there right now and i will show you. we have fog right along the coast but it hasn't started to push inland just yet. in the next few hours we're
10:48 pm
going to see this march of coastal fog making for a cooler day tomorrow than we saw today. this is the story we've had really all winter, all spring and into the summer months. increasing on shore winds, we're looking for cooler day tomorrow. better air quality. let me show you that low, you know what it looks like it's this guy right here. it is sticking around this summer, that's why it's cool. that's why in the next few days this cooling trend will continue. because that low is there. it produces a lot of fog this time of year. not rain, and it produces cooler temperatures. good news for firefighters because we're increasing the humidity. the bay area weekend is going to be warmer in some places especially in the inland bay valley. mostly sunny and warm, specifically for san jose. good air quality tomorrow, 79 degrees in downtown san jose
10:49 pm
for a daytime high for your friday get away. as we go look around the microclimates. and as you're going into contra costa county look for the 70s to start to show up. and then they go into the mid- 80s. these should be 90s this time of year. they're going to be in the upper 80s, maybe low 90s in the discovery bay area. a little cooler tomorrow. a little cooler as we head into the bay area weekend. 89 in clear lake, 89 in san helena. it's going to be a nice weekend. there will be fog at the coast constantly with very few breaks but it will be cooler than it was today. forecast high in san jose 70 and 76 in fremont. with these strong sea breezes you're getting good air quality as well. along the coast you're going to
10:50 pm
see low 60s. you look at the five day forecast you're going to see real subtle changes. as it moves south, we cool off. temperatures are going to slightly come down. power women are at greater risk to getting cancer than shorter women -- taller women are at greater risk to getting cancer than shorter women. one reason is because taller people have more cells and the more cells you have the more likely some of them may become cancerous. of the 17 cancers studies, scientists found a higher -- a study says no state has
10:51 pm
an increase in the perceived risk of heavy smoking. it is a historic moment in tahoe. summer skiing at one tahoe resort. check that out. where you can hit the slopes this weekend.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
skiers are preparing to make use of left overrers this
10:54 pm
weekend in donor donner pass. boreal planning to reopen for one day. the resort says it has one more run. >> definitely have a top to bottom terrain park, maybe two. never opened later. this is not the latest that a ski resort has stayed open. mammoth reopened on august 13th. >> look at all that snow. >> it's incredible. >> i know, who would have thought. mark join us now some movement today in the nfl talks. >> it may be not as much as the fans would have liked. we're talking football so it is a sports metaphor, the vote is in the players court. now that the owners have voted on a tentative agreement. at first glance it sounds great, but now the players must
10:55 pm
recertify their union. now vote to approve this bill could be a daunting task. reports tonight indicate many players are in no hurry to agree to this 10 year deal without further review and discussion. even though the owners have thrown it to the media as a done deal. >> we're waiting on them. it's been a long negotiation. nobody got everything they wanted so it's probably a fair deal. now we hope they'll act quickly so our play can get in the facility and we can start practicing. >> we got a lot of the things done we needed to do to be the good partner or good participant in this negotiation with the players. >> a day off for the giants in their latest acquisition, joe kepenger may need an extra day to recover from the shock when he finds out how much rent is
10:56 pm
in the city he has been moved to. over all good career move for the second baseman. it'll be the first time in his career he has ever played for the team with a winning record. let alone the defender champ. his initial reaction to the trade that sends him from the worse team in baseball down in houston to the giants. >> i'm in first place. that's nice. definitely nice. you know on top of that i don't have to face this team. i know we were coming here to face these guys twice and pitching staff is really tough. tough to get hits off of. so i was definitely close too. i would rather face the team i came from than face this team. >> all right, well just a few years ago tiger woods he had the world on a string. now it seems everything for him is hanging by a thread. his complete life make over took another unexpected turn yesterday when he fired his long time caddy steve williams who had helped tiger through 72 tour victories over the course
10:57 pm
of some 12 years. said he was completely shocked by his firing. >> it's been a difficult time for tiger, working through the scandal. he's had a new coach, a swing change, you know the last months have been very difficult. and i've stuck through him through thick and thin. i've been incredibly loyal and then to have this happen. basically you can say i've waisted two years of my life. >> -- wasted two years of my life. >> doesn't sound too happy. andy schleck is within 16 seconds of the over all leader thomas vockler. that is sports for a thursday night. it should be a good finish over the weekend with the tour. >> pretty blunt stuff from woods' caddy. >> came out of nowhere, who can blame him. >> yeah. thank you. and we'll be tracking down new information on the new
10:58 pm
arrest of the bryan stow case. our coverage continues nonstop on and with our mobile app. thanks so much for joining us everyone. i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement.
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